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 slide long power point within 8 hrs       Introduction   Main critique theme  Critique theme is   focused and clearly explained     Significance  Makes clear what   motivates them to explore main theme/question and significance     Background  Explains background   on the problem     Body content and article   evaluation   Overall  each section of body   content provides details of all 3 articles, articles are thoroughly but   concisely compared, contrasted and evaluated clearly     Introduce articles  Give article details   (citation), provide each paper’s objective/hypotheses     Article methods  Methods summarized   and evaluated completely for all 3 articles     Article results  Results are   summarized and evaluated, tables/figures used from papers to help with   critique     Article discussions  Discussions are   summarized and thoroughly evaluated for all 3 articles     Summary  Summarizes strengths   and weaknesses of each article, makes a concluding statement overall about   the critique theme     Speculation  Suggests what should   be done next, points out new questions raised by work     Citation slide  Any studies mentioned   during the presentation are listed and all publication information given in a   ‘References’ slide       Organization   of presentation   Purpose of slides  Purpose of each   slide is clear to the listener (title of slide contains premise)     Continuity  Effective   transitions between slides contribute to a continuous sequence of connected   ideas, slides flow well     Roadmap  Provides a   roadmap/preview then several reminders/singpost during the talk so that the   listener never feels lost     Figures  Every figure and   image is clearly labeled and all figures are fully explained by the presenter     Attractiveness  slides are laid out   well, text is easy to read and colors do not clash, there are no distracting   transitions     Timing  15 min

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