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Interpersonal Relationships


Objectives: To better understand the dynamics of relationships.
To explain why you form relationships.
To recognize the ways culture and technology influence your relationships.

Instructions: Read chapter 9 and complete all assignments listed below.

• The Relationship Journey. Map a relationship (romantic or friendship) you’ve had, and label the stages and phases that you associate with time periods and events. (Read pp.196 to 206) Respond in two to five paragraphs.

• Ethical Messages. Read Page 199 and complete Ethical Messages- Your Obligation to Reveal Yourself. Complete the checklist- Ethical Choice Point.

Answer the following questions: (respond in one to five sentences)
1. What gives one person the right to know personal information about another person?
2. What principle of ethics requires another person to disclose this information in a relationship?

• Bullying Awareness. Investigate recent situations of bullying (cyber or other) that have occurred in the news. Report what occurred and what resulted because of the bullying. What bullying have you witnessed/experienced? Did you say something? What was the result?

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