In Lisa Schmeiser’s article, “Do Geeks Need to Go to College?”, she highlights some of the concerns
college students may have about the value of a degree in technology. Some experts argue that monies
spent on college tuition would be better spent on long-term retirement savings; others explain that
technology skills learned in college may be outdated by the time students graduate. Still, others agree
that a degree outside of technology is useful. 

argue that higher education, especially a degree in the humanities) does /does not add value
to a job in technology. What is to be gained or lost when higher education is not a part of the preparation for employment. 

Alternatively, you may consider a field other than technology.  

 Outline your argument. Include the draft of a full introduction (5-7 sentences) and topic sentences for all paragraphs, including a concession and refutation.  

 Use three outside sources for evidence.

Include a concession and refutation.  

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