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BBC’s life of buddha

BBC’s Life of Buddha 



1-Identify the purported miraculous events of the Buddha’s conception & birth. 


Father’s Name: Suddhodana  


Mother’s Name: Maya 


Wife’s Name:  


Son’s Name: Rahula 


White Elephant with 6 Tusks entered Queen Maya’s Uterus 


Wheel Symbol on Siddharta’s Feet 



2-What were the 2 options within the prediction about Sidharta Gautama’s eventual career path? 







3-What did Sidharta’s father not want him to witness? Why not? 




4-Why did Sidharta become sad while watching a farmer plow land? 




5-Identify the 4 suffering people who radically altered the direction of Sidharta’s career. 










6-Why did Sidharta leave home & abandon his family? 


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