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  1. Summarize the interview to create a profile of the older adult. (No more than one page in length.) for this part you are making up an interview with an old person
  2. Describe the two (2) normal age-related changes (not disease states) used in your table assignment. Describe 1) the physiologic reason for the age related changes and 2) the impact these changes have on your interviewee’s daily life.
  3. Discuss the findings from your previously completed evidence table. Compare and contrast these findings about older adults in general with what your interviewee said regarding these age related changes.
  4. Based on what you now learned about these age related changes from your interviewee and the research findings you described, discuss the implications for gerontological nursing practice. What nursing interventions or care strategies would you be sure to incorporate into your future practice based on the evidence you reviewed (from an older adult interview and the research you did for the evidence table) to help manage each age-related change to promote successful aging?
  5. Describe specifically the CNL role in promoting the types of care strategies and interventions you identified in #5 for older adults. Describe how the CNL role & responsibilities are uniquely distinct from the nursing interventions identified in #5.

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