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Some of the most important factors to consider in the evaluation of research include: 

Credibility and quality of the information sources. For quality research to be conducted, the researcher must critically access the quality and reliability of their sources of information to avoid biases. This amounts to the accurate publication of findings from reliable and credible sources. An example would be when research uses data from very old publications to investigate current trends in colleges.

The researchers’ financial and ideological interests when carrying out an evaluation of the analysis. This will enable the researchers to avoid suppressing some information or working on predetermined data sets aiming at their own conclusions rather than what the data is reporting. An example would be when a researcher carries out an investigation with the desired result already formed in

their conclusions.

The objectivity of the research and data source. The data source should be in line with the objectives of the research in question. The information should strike a gender balance and not be biased against one gender. The relevance and coverage of the data source. The data should be able to meet all the researchers’ information requirements and areas of study.

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