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When evaluating research, it is important to look at the research question, a poor research question will yield poor research. The chosen research design will provide guidance on the types of information your research is intended to show. Research designs consist of non-experimental and experimental to name a couple and each of these designs is looking for information in a different capacity (Dunn & Halonen, 2020). Non-experimental involves the analysis of preexisting research within a topic not deploying the use of manipulated variables. An experimental research design involves the manipulation of at least one variable and the use of random assignment. To find an accurate research design, you must have a clear and concise research question.  

Other factors that should be considered when evaluating research are validity, and reliability (Dunn & Halonen, 2020). Validity within research signifies the accuracy of the employed method to measure whatever it is that is meant to be measured. For example, envision the phrase “time flies when you’re having fun”, this insinuates that time moves faster when enjoying oneself than when not. But we know if such a measurement of time were valid it would be irrelevant that a minute is 60 seconds or that there are 24 hours in a day. The time measuring method of “time flies when you’re having fun” is thusly shown to be lacking invalidity. Reliability within psychology research denotes the reproducibility of the study or test conducted. When the findings of a study or test can be reproduced this indicates the reliability of said test or study. For example, if you watched a video on how to build a miniature volcano and then, followed the same steps with the same ingredients, you’re unable to obtain a successful result you could likely say that the initial creation did not have reliable as the result could not be duplicated. 

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