Chart paper



1. Look at what you have been eating/drinking. Is it a well-balanced diet? Why or why not? And support your answer.

2. Think back to when you ate your meals. Did you overeat? 

a. “if not” what steps did you take to not overeat? 

b. “If yes” why do did you overeat? 

3. Did you eat more nutritious snacks or non-nutritious snacks? Why? Support your answer.

4. Look at the 3 foods you ate with the highest total fat. What were they and were they of beneficial fat? (good fats vs. bad fats). Explain your answer.

5. As you reflex on this assignment and your diet/nutrition, answer the statement that best reflexes your diet/nutritional health.

a. I can improve upon my diet/nutritional healthy by……

b. My diet/nutritional health is on target and I should continue to…..

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