Sure Writers

Twice Exceptional

Discussion 6


Review the module resources and the readings. Find a support journal or article (within 10 years, peer-reviewed) related to creativity and a special population group. Then (1) identify a quotation in any of the readings that helped you to better understand the unique needs of culturally diverse or twice-exceptional students and their creativity potential (2) explain the strategies that are best for culturally diverse or twice-exceptional students when it comes to creativity development. Add specific support from the research including your source for your ideas and conclusions. Include in-text citations and references at the end of the post.


  1. Write a minimum of 200 words for the original discussion post.
  2. Read and answer all questions in the discussion prompt directly and accurately.
  3. Visit all the links and any additional resources provided in the discussion prompt.
  4. Use the readings, research, and other literature as a resource and cite them in responses.

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