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Data Collection

Using your revised purpose and research questions from Assignment 3 develop a methodological
plan for answering the research questions. Specifically, identify the following elements: (a)
potential participants, (b) sampling procedures, (c) potential research approach, and (d) data
collection methods. Students will then discuss the alignment between the proposed data
collection methods and how they will be used to answer each of the research questions. Finally,
you need to specify either a research track for the dissertation or the type of proposed data for the

 If you plan to conduct a strategic research project: you will explain which type of data
you believe the stakeholders in your organization would want you to propose to collect to
answer your research questions.  You will need to speculate about whether quantitative or
qualitative data would be most persuasive for members of your organization in terms of
convincing them to make changes based on the data that you propose to collect.  It is ok
if you believe that the stakeholders would want to see both quantitative and qualitative
data – but you need to justify why that kind of data would be persuasive to them.
The should be approximately 2-3  in length and adhere to APA style.

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